Nicholas Solicitors is a UK based firm that prides itself on providing the best and most efficient service possible. We have experienced Lawyers who have defended numerous clients in serious Criminal Cases, Divorce, and Child Support cases in England Wales.

We also conduct Immigration Matters and utilise our best endeavours to ensure that our clients’ get the best results possible. 


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We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Divorce Lawyers Jamaica, a trusted name in legal representation on the beautiful island. For our valued clients who entered into matrimony in the breathtaking setting of Jamaica and are now seeking the guidance and expertise of a divorce lawyer, we have taken steps to make your journey smoother. This collaboration allows us to offer you specialized legal services tailored to the unique complexities of international divorce cases. With Divorce Lawyers Jamaica by our side, we ensure that you receive the support and counsel necessary to navigate the intricate legal processes involved in ending a marriage. We’re committed to assisting you through this transition with care and professionalism.


Private and public funded and people from all works of life

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We specialise in Criminal Law, Civil Litigation, and Immigration Law.

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